Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh began his career in 2010 at the age of 22, with a process that involved conceptualizing, building, and launching Noida International University. He served as a Chancellor of Noida International University until 2015. By 2015, the university had more than 4000 students across 22 nationalities.

Simultaneously, Dr. Singh also ventured into the industry of real estate development around 2014 with the purpose of creating environment-friendly clusters and buildings while keeping the interests of end consumers and investors at the heart of this strategy.

Project NX ONE is the vanguard project of this green and consumer-friendly philosophy. Nx One is a 4-star, green-rated project with a built-up area of 4.2 million sq ft. Nx One is an integrated township with an incredible infrastructure to foster great community building through its unique combination of housing, offices, and commercial, one of the largest in the NCR. Today, NX One has fulfilled its promise of serving its customers with an ultra-high-quality product at the most competitive rates in the industry and, at the same time, has become a popular benchmark for environmentally sustainable buildings.

Dr. Singh has Masters in International Business from the University of Leeds and a Ph.D. in Management. He has accumulated his knowledge base and managerial expertise through his focused experiences in the fields of education, real estate, and public services.

His vision for “housing, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities for all” continues to guide his journey in the real estate industry.

Our Vision

The NX ONE Group is a conglomerate of various solutions and benefits in the residential, commercial, office space, hospitality, medical, and education sectors. Established in 2011, NX ONE is an organization of young entrepreneurs. The vision of creating a structurally sound and environmentally beneficial 'tomorrow' is what drives the entire group.”

Our Mission

“We create our beautifully designed spaces using the most environmentally sustainable construction technology to deliver ahead of the promised time and at the most affordable rates. Thereby, we do our job of protecting the environment and ensuring our customers' happiness, coupled with their investments safety and asset value appreciation, rather extremely well.”